2017 Working Bee – Rose Garden Rescue

Sunday 27 August 9:30am to 12:30pm

The Grounds Working Bees are a great way to help contribute to your school, particularly if you don’t have time to lend a hand during the working week.

There are one or two Working Bees each year. The aim is to tidy up garden beds, replenish mulch where needed, and plant new plants. These days are a fun and rewarding way to make a contribution to your child’s school. Children are welcome to come along and help, or just to play in the grounds, and a lolly hunt is usually organised at the end of the working bee.

This year we have purchased a large number of lovely plants that need your help to be placed into their new home in the Rose Garden at WPS.

Volunteers from the following classes have been nominated to help out:

6C-2T 4U-KO
6P-1D 4L-1W
6RG-KS 4T-2S
6J-1G 4F-1M
6D-2W 4D-1R
6W-2LC & 1N 3L-KB
5S-2P 3S-KL
5O-2C 3G-KP
5L-2R 3C-KD
5B-2/6G & KJ 3T-1PB

Bring: Shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, gloves, hats and a drink. Kids can bring bikes, scooters, skates and lots of energy.

Morning tea will be provided and of course the ‘Big Lolly Hunt’ for the kids! (Cancelled if wet weather) Any questions contact grounds@wpspandc.com.au