Joining the Band

The WPS band program is open to all students from year 3 onwards. Students are welcome to join at any time during the year and from any year from year 3 to year 6. For information on the band program, including costs, read the Band Information Booklet.


During Term 4 we provide the opportunity for any WPS Year 2 – Year 5 student (including all Year 2 students) to have a blow on an instrument and undertake a simple aural test (examines pitch and listening ability) to help identify which instrument/s may best suit individual students and help with selection. This session is known as an “instrument trial”. This session is undertaken by the training band conductor and several tutors during the normal school day.

Students may also wish to attend a try a musical instrument course run by local music shops. This can help children and parents get to know the various instruments available in concert bands. These courses are usually held during the September holidays – please contact local stores directly for further details.

We hold a Band Information Night early in term 4 for parents and children to see a band in action and ask questions about various instruments and the band program with existing band students and our conductors. This is usually very popular.

When joining the band, we ask students to nominate 3 instruments that they are interested in learning to play. Instrument allocation is determined by the conductor, based on the “instrument trial” and aural ability as well as the need to achieve a balance between instrument sections within the band. We try to allocate each child the instrument that they have selected. However sometimes children may be allocated their second or third choice – this may be if there are insufficient instruments available or if required to musically balance the band.

For more information on the instruments available see the Instruments page on this website.


The main intake is organised in November each year. Year 2 students are given an introduction to the band and to the various instruments. This is followed by an Information Night for prospective members (mostly year 2 and year 3) and their families and finally the band offers a blow/aural test to help students select the instrument best suited for them. Students can then sign up in early December to start in the band programme the next year. In the past, we have had new year 6 students join the training band without any prior musical knowledge.


If you wish to join during the year contact the Band Secretary at


The Training Band, Intermediate Band, Concert Band and Performing Band all wear full school uniform for their performances. This may vary depending upon the season with the band co-ordinator confirming details prior to any performance.

The Concert Band and Performing Band also have a uniform for “non-official performances” e.g. Willoughby Council Spring Festival etc. This uniform consists of a black band polo-shirt, black dress pants and black socks and black shoes. The band polo shirts are available from the uniform shop.