Willoughby School Canteen is situated between Willoughby Public School and Willoughby Girls’ High School, and provides services to over 1800 students and staff from both schools, 5 days a week during school terms.


The canteen is open before school for breakfast, as well as at recess and lunch.

The canteen is operated on behalf of both schools, by Rose Giorgio from Audentico Eatery/Total Canteen Solutions.

The canteen follows the guidelines from the “Fresh Tastes Strategy” which are endorsed by the NSW Health Department, the Department of Education and Training, and the NSW School Canteen Association.


Our new canteen operator, Rose Giorgio, is offering daily meal deals. For a fixed price of $5 there is a different special every day, which includes a food item and a drink.

Click here to see the current Canteen Menu.

Click here for a list of daily meal deals.


BEFORE SCHOOL – ┬áBreakfast from 7.30am. Lunch orders to be received by 9:30am

RECESS –┬áRecess counter service TBA

LUNCH – Lunchtime counter service TBA


  • Lunch orders should be placed at the Canteen prior to 9:00am, but will be accepted up to 9:30am.
  • Please write clearly on the bag using a pen or texta. Please do not use pencils or fluro markers, as it is difficult to read the order.
  • Please remember to include your child’s name and class on the lunch order bag.
  • Please write the item prices on the order, to make the processing of your child’s lunch order faster.
  • Please use separate bags for hot and cold items – one bag for HOT items, and one for COLD items, or items which will not spoil. Using separate bags enables the canteen to ensure that HOT and COLD items are not placed together, so hot items stay hot, and cold drinks stay cold.
  • Please try to place the correct money in your child’s lunch order bag. If your order contains the correct money, and you do not require any change, the order bag can be placed in the yellow box at the lunch order window. If you require change, you will need to line up and place the order in person.
  • Paper bags can be purchased at the canteen for 5c, or you can use your own paper bag. Please ensure that the bag you send is large enough for the items you are ordering. If necessary, use 2 bags.

If your child forgets their lunch, their teacher will send them to the canteen with a note allowing them to be provided with a vegemite or plain butter sandwich. This note must be brought home, signed by a parent, and payment must be sent to the canteen with the note the following day.