Chess Registration

chess piecesIs your son/daughter is interested in the Sydney Academy of Chess classes provided via the WPS P&C Chess Club?

Classes are FUN and involve combinations of formal, but interactive, lessons, puzzles and recorded / tournament games with other students, where personal feedback is provided. Parents / carers are expected to assist in supervising at least one class a semester. This does NOT involve teaching, just acting as support for the professional coaches who are there.

We cater from the total beginner to the state-grade champion!

Classes are held on Tuesday AM (only), 7:45 to 8:45am.

Chess Club is held at the series of demountable class rooms at the Post Office end of the school (western end). The Advanced classroom is the far right, facing the Post Office and then to the left, in order; Intermediate, Junior, Novice & Kindy. For all enquiries re attending Chess classes please email

Classes will run from Week Two of term 1, and Week One for other terms.  There is no class on staff development days. ie:

Term 1: Feb 6th – Apr 10th
Term 2: May 1st  –Jul 3rd
Term 3: Jul 24th – Sep 25th
Term 4: Oct 16th – Dec 11th

The cost is $100 per term with a free chess board or book when you pay for the entire year upfront.

Please go to the Sydney Academy of Chess website to register and enter in this code: 6VNN2EUUSK

All payments and rolls are now handled by the Sydney Academy of Chess.

Willoughby Public School – Enrolment Form 2018