It is imperative for the P&C to hold fundraisers each year to provide facilities not funded by the State Government, in order to maintain the high standards of teaching and amenities that our school is proud to offer. The funds raised are used to pay for much needed resources, such as teachers’ aides, sports and art equipment, up-graded playground equipment and technology items.

Over time it has been a tradition that Year 3 parents are asked to take responsibility for organising fund-raising activities within the school. The logic behind this idea is that by this time Year 3 parents are generally familiar with how the school works, and have probably attended one or more fund-raising events at the school, and yet their children still have enough years left at the school to benefit from the hard work of their parents in raising funds to benefit the school.


If you have any questions about fundraising, or are interested in volunteering to help our school, please contact us at


Did you know that the P&C runs two tax-deductible Trust Funds?  If you would like to make a tax deductible donation please contact the P&C President or ask for a form at the school office.

Ancillary Fund

This fund is at the discretion of the Trustees and must be allocated to either the library or building funds.

Building Fund

The building fund is used for the maintenance of current school buildings and for the construction of new buildings around the school.