Project Advisory Group Meeting Notes


  • The Department of Education is transitioning towards a cluster planning approach for school planning.  In essence, cluster plans incorporate a short, medium and long term schools asset strategy for a defined area of schools – anywhere between 3 and 20+ schools depending on the geographical constraints and school linkages.  A cluster plan for the Lower North Shore will commence in early 2016 and incorporate Willoughby Public School.  The cluster plan will take into consideration the funded and planned upgrades to the area and the subsequent need for additional upgrades or new school facilities
  • The Business Case will be in place for consideration in the 2016/17 budget.  The Gateway timing is to be determined following feedback from Infrastructure NSW
  • Consultation is ongoing with Willoughby Council as to the potential joint venture re-development of the school oval to improve the overall quality for both the schools and community



  •  The Department of Education has received advice from an independent demographics company (.id) regarding the student forecasts for Willoughby PS and Willoughby GHS.  The peer review noted that .id concurred with the forecasts of the Department
  • The Department of Education is currently in discussions with Willoughby Council as to potential joint ventures at the site.  Opportunities being discussed include sporting fields, performing arts facilities and library facilities
  • The Department of Education is currently preparing a Draft Business Case for the project based on investigations to date.  This provides a base strategy should opportunities arise in the short-term
  • Refined Masterplanning options for the upgrading of the site are being prepared for consideration by the PAG.  Hill PDA have been engaged to provide additional advice on development feasibilities



  • The Department of Education supports the independent student enrolment forecast currently being undertaken by id Profile
  • The Department is working with Council to ascertain the feasibility and requirements of any joint ventures to benefit the school and broader community
  • Option preparation is well underway and a range of considerations are being reviewed
  • The use of demountable teaching space will be required to continue to meet immediate demands


PAG MEETING 2 – 15 JUNE 2015

  • DEC is keen to hear any comments/ thoughts to any future works on either school site.
  • Currently progressing through design development options.
  • Demographic forecasts have been determined for the both schools and impact on neighbouring schools.
  • DEC is still considering options for any joint-ventures with adjacent land owners.
  • The PAG is current preparing and refining Educational Principles which will support the project. The 5 DEC endorsed Educational Principles:
  1. Focus on the needs learners and learning
  2. Build community and identity and create a culture of welcome, inclusion and belonging
  3. Be aesthetically pleasing
  4. Provide contemporary, sustainable learning environments
  5. Embed the potential for re-configurability for multi-purpose use and future changing needs


PAG MEETING 1 – 18 MAY 2015

The Project Advisory Group (PAG) for the preparation of a Business Case for the future upgrading of Willoughby Public School and Willoughby Girls High School has commenced.  The PAG is inclusive of representatives of NSW DEC Asset Management Department (AMD), School Principals, representatives from both P&Cs and is chaired by the School Director for North Sydney.  The PAG will be meeting monthly with meetings scheduled til January 2016.

  • The intention is to prepare a business case for the upgrading of both school to meet long-term enrolment demands and to meet a Future Focus Learning approach to education provision.  The business case is planned to be completed by September, 2015.
  • The PAG will also consider the short-term needs of the both schools.  The AMU Manager will be working with both school principals to determine needs and options to meet the short-term needs.
  • The Asset Planning representative for the area has given an undertaking to attend each of the full P&C meetings in the future (if desired by the P&Cs).
  • Long term enrolment forecasts are currently being prepared to 2031 for the area and will be considered by the PAG in future meetings.
  • Schreiber Hamilton Architecture have been engaged by the NSW DEC to assist in preparing the Business Case with specific reference to blocking plans (high end concept masterplans) and associated costings.  Future design works will incorporate extensive consultation with the school and broader community.
  • Any ideas and suggestions from the school community are welcome and it is suggested that these ideas be channelled through the P&C representative.
  • The AMD is currently reviewing a number of previously investigated matters or recent suggestions relating to the upgrading of the schools and surrounds.  These matters will be further discussed with the PAG in coming meetings.