2020 Family Fun Day Thanks

A fantastic time was had by all who attended the P&C Family Fun Day on 29 February 2020, the last day of Summer, last Saturday at Willoughby Park. 
The sun was shining, and with the beautiful weather forecast leading up to the event (and an early-bird incentive), a record number of 796 tickets were sold before the gates opened!  A further 256 tickets were sold at the gate taking the grand total to 1056 tickets sold (including Under 3’s FOC).  What a magnificent turnout! 
Thank you to our Principal Ms Simmonds, Deputy Principal Mr Michaeil and his family and a few other familiar faces from the teaching staff for popping down to see the event in full swing. 
It was terrific to see so many smiling faces in the crowd and all the children enjoying the activities – suitable for little kids right up to the older primary students. 
The atmosphere in the park was really exciting and made colourful by the fabulous year 6 students running Side Show Alley.  All the games were created and supervised by Kristen Wright.  Thank you Year 6 Volunteers for your time and energy – it was an absolute pleasure to work with you on the day – you were very reliable and responsible senior students and we could not have put on such a fun event without you. 
Energy levels were high around the oval with lots of activities to try including Bubble Soccer, The Inflatables, Soccer Darts and sports activities run by the Willoughby Roos and North Sydney Bears Junior Baseball Club.  There was some amazing karaoke, a TikTok flash mob, live performance by the up and coming Star Jimmy Breslin and many sausages, pizza, doughnuts, ice creams and slushies to try.  Thank Zoi Barber who booked the inflatables and food trucks. 
The new Hydration Stations set up around the park were a fabulous idea to keep everyone hydrated without overloading on sugar and made our event more sustainable!  Thank you for bringing your own water bottles and taking your rubbish home! 
Once again there has been a lot of positive feedback about the Willoughby Park location for this event.  Thanks to Kirsten Delaney for being the main event contact – informing the neighbours and liaising with the community including the Willoughby Bowling Club, Willoughby Roos, Chatswood Police and St John Ambulance – to prepare the park for our event and get the locals on side.  Logistically it is more difficult for the organisers to hold it off-site but with the help of our GA Graeme and Marty Irvine and Vicky Perdikaris from the Roos, we managed to get all the gear we needed over to the oval and stored in the Roos shed for the event – making setup and pack down much quicker. 
It was a fantastic team effort – including volunteers from the Year 6 Families, the Events team and their families and all the volunteers who signed up to help out.  Thank you for your energy and time. Your enthusiasm made this event a true success! 
Special thanks to:
Year 6 students – on Side Show Alley plus event set up and pack down. 
The Events team 
Zoi Barber, Kirsten Delaney and Kristen Wright
Vicky Perdikaris and Marty Irvine and helpers from Willoughby Roos
Amy Daly – Communications
Amanda Ley – Technical Support
Raffi Mavlian – P&C Treasurer 
Juliemma Moran – P&C Events Manager
Jenni Brown and Tanya Taylor – P&C Co-President
Dan Barber, Ben Wright and Ian Delaney for running the P&C BBQ
And the many volunteers from signup genius: 
Lisa Gizariotis, Susan & Pete Griffith, Nathan & Annabel Norrie, Lisa Wood, Alex Ta, Ann & Phil Clough, Naomi Sheriff, Martin Herbst, Kate & Anthony Clarke, Kylie Abenino, Rachelle Johns, Haruko Petherbridge, Naoko Motegi, Victoria & Warren Pickles, Emma & Pete McGoldrick, Anita & Paul Nicholson, Claire & Kiernan Hughes, Gerald & Glenda Chan, Rachel Lynton, Martha Plum, Noemi Wood, plus John Moran and Nick Addison on pack down.
Here are some gorgeous photos that capture the Fun Day perfectly, thanks to Kirsten Delaney Photography. 
The P&C were delighted to host this event as an opportunity to bring our wonderful school community together and make everyone feel welcome at Willoughby Public School. 
Juliemma Moran 
WPS P&C Events Manager