Willoughby Public School P&C Association is a school-based organisation consisting of parents, teachers and interested citizens. The organisation meets once a term, usually at 7:00pm on the 5th Wednesday of term, in the school staffroom above the Administration block.

The P&C is established to:

  • Promote the interests of our school, by bringing parents, citizens, students and teaching staff into close co-operation.
  • Assist in providing facilities and equipment for our school, and to promote the recreation and welfare of the students at our school.
  • Encourage parent and community participation in curriculum and other educational issues in the school.
  • Assist and co-operate with teaching staff at public functions associated with the school.

It is the responsibility of our P&C Association to conduct the election of parent representatives for the School Council, and to administer the class parent representative system. Our P&C is an incorporated member of the Federation of P&C Associations, and abides by the rules and guidelines of this body.

A copy of the P&C constitution can be viewed here.

All families at Willoughby Public School are welcome and encouraged to participate in the P&C Association meetings and activities. There is a membership fee of $1 per year which is usually paid via the Term 1 account. This membership fee ensures your voting rights at meetings.

Parents are also encouraged to pay the P&C voluntary contribution, which is used to support educational initiatives within the school.


The P&C gets its money from a variety of sources and events during each financial year (which ends on 30th September). It receives profits from the Uniform Shop and shares the profits from the Canteen with Willoughby Girls High School. The remaining money raised comes from various activities and events which include the Welcome Family Fun Night, Trivia Night or other major event, Movie Night, Sponsorship, Community Advertising, Mothers Day stall, Fathers Day stall, Blokes Breakfast, Raffles, Entertainment Books and so on.


The funds raised allow the P&C to provide valuable additional resources to the School to supplement the money they receive from the NSW Government. Over recent years, the P&C has used its funds to:

  • pay salaries for additional teaching resources for children with reading and other difficulties plus teachers aides for Kindy. From 2011 an extra $20,000 was allocated to fund teachers aides for numeracy groups;
  • contribute to classroom resources such as readers and other essential learning materials;
  • make a huge contribution towards ensuring that all classrooms have Smart-boards and air-conditioning;
  • build two new sets of playground equipment;
  • build a new COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area);
  • purchase plants and equipment for working bees; and
  • host events such as the Kindy Welcome and Grandparents Day morning teas.

In Term 4 of each year, the P&C sets its budget and decides how to allocate the money raised during that year. The budget is discussed and voted upon at the Term 4 P&C meeting (at which everyone is welcome).


Position Holder Email Address
President Daniel Barber president@wpspandc.com.au
Vice President – Communications Amy Anderson vicepresident.comms@wpspandc.com.au
Vice President – Partnerships Meredith Robson vicepresident.partnerships@wpspandc.com.au
Secretary Rebecca Muir secretary@wpspandc.com.au
Treasurer Raffi Mavilan treasurer@wpspandc.com.au