The WPS Parents & Citizens Association (P&C) organises a class representative system. This is a network of parents & carers, overseen by a Class Rep Co-ordinator, who take the lead role in organising other class parents and families to volunteer at the school, and in facilitating communications within each class.

Each Class Rep works with their class teacher to keep the class parents/carers informed of all activities and events going on both within the class, and the school.

Mums, dads, carers, new & seasoned parents are invited to put forward their names as Class Rep for their children’s classes. This is a great way to get to know other parents in the school and to make new friends. It is a relatively easy task and several parents can share the role for each class.

New parents are especially recommended to consider taking up this role. It is a great way to meet all the families in your class, and being involved in the school helps to settle into the new environment.

At the Parent/Carer Information Evening in Week 2 or 3 of Term 1, your teacher will ask for Class Rep volunteers for their class. If you are unable to attend the evening, and you would like to volunteer to be a Class Rep, please feel free to contact the Class Rep Co-ordinator,  Amy Daly or inform your teacher.



The primary responsibility of a Class Rep is to create and maintain a parent/carer contact list for your class. Parents & carers in each class will be asked to provide their contact details at the Parent/Carer Information Evenings in Term 1, and each Class Rep is requested to type this information up and distribute the list to all parents & carers on the list, to the class teacher, and to the Class Rep Co-ordinator, Amy Daly (

PRIVACY NOTE: Parents & carers are informed that by providing their contact details to the Class Rep they are providing their consent for those details to be circulated to all others on their class list, and to the Class Rep Co-ordinator. We request that the contact in these class lists is kept specifically for school use only, and not distributed to anyone outside of the class. It is not to be used for any marketing purposes or for forwarding anything other than school information. We trust that you will respect the privacy of all of our families here at Willoughby Public School.

A Suitable Excel template for collecting this information is provided above (see top of this page). Class Reps are requested to use this template where possible, to facilitate the collation of this information by the Class Rep Co-Ordinator.


Most classes at WPS require volunteer support from the parent/carer community at some time during the school year – whether it be for assisting with reading groups, sharpening pencils, accompanying the class on excursions, or organising a present for the teacher’s birthday. Co-ordinating these activities is usually part of the job description of the Class Rep.


In the past, a large part of the Class Rep role included forwarding communications from the P&C, however with the increasing use of this website this is no longer a requirement.

The P&C website is now a fantastic tool that the P&C uses to distribute information & reminders directly to the school community. By collecting class emails you will enable (and authorise) the P&C to send emails directly to everyone, rather than via the Class Rep system.

As a member of the P&C website your details will remain private, and will not be visible to other parents. However, maintaining your subscription profile preferences (using the link which appears at the bottom of all P&C emails) will enable us to target our email communications so they are relevant and of interest to you.