Important age note for U10s & U11s in 2020

Important information regarding ‘age based’ and ‘school grade based’ teams.

In 2017, WPS Netball Club fell into line with Northern Suburbs Netball Association’s policy that all girls in the U10s and U11s play in their calendar-year age groups, not school-grade groups. This will continue in 2020.

As of 2018, the majority of WPS girls in the Friday night competition (U10,11,12) played in their calendar age groups, not school grade groups, subject to registration numbers. This applies to all clubs in the NSNA competition.

Exceptions to this age-based grading are dependent on registration numbers and team numbers, and will only be made after registration has closed and grading is complete. To assist with team formation, a maximum of 6 younger girls may be permitted to go through to the upper age group if the club is otherwise unable to form teams of appropriate numbers. In this case, independent graders will select the most able girls to ‘play up’, based on skills and abilities. For this reason, all ‘younger’ girls should attend grading in their school grade group, rather than their calendar age group. The remaining ‘younger’ girls may be grouped into a team together to play in their calendar age group. Teams of composite school grade groups were successfully introduced in 2018, successful again in 2019 and this is likely to continue in season 2020.

It is very important to note that a child playing in her correct age group is seen to be greatly advantaged in her netball development.

Calendar year age-based team formation may not apply to girls in Year 6, 2020. Decisions regarding school grade teams or age based teams will continue to be based on grading results and registration numbers.


1a.    My daughter will be in school grade 5 in 2020 but is young for her year and only turns 10 in 2020. Will she play in the U10s or U11s competition?  

Your daughter should play in the U10s NSNA competition, due to her age. However, if our registration numbers deem it necessary, she may be graded to go through to the U11s, based on her skills and abilities, as determined by our external graders. This will be communicated after grading.

1b.     Will she be graded in her calendar age group or school year group?

It is likely that all players will be graded based on age, not school year group and we will communicate this to you before grading. In some cases, your daughter may need to attend an additional grading. Due to the social sensitivities in a school club, age grading may be adjusted if required and based on 2019 team placements. Where determined necessary, due to club registration numbers, some players may be required to play ‘up’ an age group and it may be necessary for them to grade with their school year group. This will be communicated directly to players’ parents. 

2a.    My daughter is in year 4 in 2020 but only turns 9 in 2020. Will she play in the U10s competition or play one more year in NetSetGo?

Your daughter should attend U10 grading with her school grade 4 peers in 2020, but depending on registration numbers, she may have to play another year in the top grade of NSG.  Where determined necessary, due to club registration numbers, a small number of year 4 girls turning 9 in 2020 may be allowed to play up in the U10s competition. If necessary, we will aim to group the remaining ‘younger’ school grade 4 girls (turning 9 in 2020) into one team and field them in the top grade of NSG (to be played under full netball rules against teams which are mostly made of up girls also playing their third year of NSG).

2b.   Should my daughter attend grading with her school grade 4 peers in 2020?

If your Year 4 daughter turns 9 in 2020 and wants to be considered to go through to U10s Friday night netball, depending on WPSNC registration numbers, she must attend the U10 grading sessions (Year 4 girls). If she is not graded to go into the U10s, she and any other ‘young’ school grade 4 girls will be grouped together into one team to play in the top grade of NSG under full netball rules.

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