Willoughby Public School is one of the premier Rugby League schools in the region and enters school teams in various rugby league and affiliated sports carnivals against other public and private schools.

Interschool teams include both boys and girls and are typically in combined Year 3-4 and combined Year 5-6 grades. The WPS trophy cabinet has recently included:


  • Winners          Y3-Y4 Junior Boys Rugby League Sevens (tackle)
  • Winners          Y3-Y4 Junior Girls Rugby League Sevens (two-handed touch)
  • Winners          Y5-Y6 Senior Boys Rugby League Sevens (tackle)


  • Winners          Y3-4 Junior Boys Rugby League Sevens (tackle) – Team A
  • Runners Up     Y3-4 Junior Boys Rugby League Sevens (tackle) – Team B
  • Winners          Y5-Y6 Senior Boys Rugby League Sevens (tackle)


In 2015, WPS had over 100 students participate in the North Sydney District Rugby League Sevens Carnival against schools from as far as Cherrybrook and Berowra.



The NSW PSSA sports council includes the following sports options for interschool sport which WPS may choose to participate in:

  • Rugby League – Boys
  • Touch Football (6-play set Touch Rugby League) – Boys and Girls

The NRL offers the following North Sydney District all-schools carnivals to which WPS is invited:

  • Term 2        Rugby League
  • Term 3        Rugby League Sevens
  • Term 4        NRL League Tag Carnival

There are typically no costs to parents for their students’ participation in WPS Rugby League teams other than the supply of individual equipment such as boots. WPS playing jerseys have been donated by local Rugby League clubs.


Rugby League is one of the major sports in Australia, particularly in NSW. While the televised version of the game is quite spectacular, Junior Rugby League is a game enjoyed and played by average kids against other average kids – just like yours! The physical size of a player is not a determinant of ability or success in Junior Rugby League, particularly in the younger grades.

While not all children will ever play at the highest levels, learning the basic core skills while young enables them to play confidently and experience the joy of the game with their friends throughout their school years. While learning to play is possible at any age, starting while young is an obvious advantage.

The national development pathway for Rugby League is:

  • Ages 4-8        (PS,K-Y2)     Mini Footy
  • Ages 9-12      (Y3-Y6)        Modified League
  • Ages 13+       (Y7+)           Rugby League (International)

There is currently only limited opportunities for structured Rugby League coaching and development within WPS and many kids just know the basic rules from playing with friends. The P&C Rugby League Sub-Committee has organised some ad hoc coaching clinics prior to school competitions using qualified (NRL) Modified Games Coaches.

There are several Junior Rugby League clubs on the Lower North Shore that play in weekend competitions as part of the North Sydney District Junior Rugby League. The nearest club to WPS is the Willoughby Roos:

Other clubs that play affiliated Rugby League sports include:

Rugby League Sub-Committee

The WPS P&C Rugby League Sub-Committee aims to:

  • Promote the school’s sporting interests in Rugby League and affiliated sports (such as League Tag and Touch Football) by bringing into close co-operation parents, citizens and teaching staff;
  • Promote the recreation and welfare of the students through aiding participation in Rugby League and affiliated sports;
  • Assist in providing resources and equipment for the school; and
  • Assist and co-operate with teaching staff at Rugby League and affiliated sporting events associated with the school.

If you are a parent interested in assisting students learn to play or helping the school participate in Rugby League carnivals please contact the committee.

Contact details for the Rugby League Sub-Committee in 2015 are:

Position Holder Mobile Email
Rugby League Convenor Tony Bellia 0403 070 558
Secretary TBC    

WPS Girls’ Jersey Design Competition

The WPS P&C Rugby League Sub-Committee is holding a competition to design the school’s girls teams jerseys that are being funded and donated by the Willoughby Roos Junior Rugby League Club.

  • Competition is open to any student – boy or girl
  • Almost any design is possible – so be creative and make WPS be the flashiest school on the north shore!
  • The school colours should be symbolically included in the design, either as the dominant colour or a minor colour
  • Download an entry form HERE
  • Entries can be submitted:
  • Entries close on Monday 29th February
  • Winning entries will be chosen by a panel yet to be decided – but is likely to be a mixture of staff and students.